Restoration of old farmhouse underway...rebuilding with local materials
Building & Restoration


The town of Haarlem was laid out just after 1844 and almost all of its buildings date back to around that date. Haarlem is a living museum to a long history as a town and mission station.

Buildings on Afsaal have been carefully restored using traditional building methods and local materials as used historically. History preservation remains our prime aim and passion.

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Gary Olivier Construction

After running his own construction company for 35 years as a registered Master Builder - Gary Olivier left the urban rat-race behind when the family moved out to the Langkloof.

But even farm life could not make him give up his passion for building ... especially not when faced with a town filled with tempting restoration projects with which he can indulge his interest in local history through restoration.

Beyond the restoration of the buildings on the farm, Gary now has several projects in progress, restoring historic buildings in Haarlem (some from ruins) to their original glory.

Gary is also a registered Professional Architectural Draughtsman, and with local knowledge of Haarlem and its properties - he also assists Welcome Properties in Uniondale as a sub agent.


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